Advantages of Aluminum Foil Industry

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Advantages of Carbon-coated Aluminum Foil in the Application of Lithium Batteries

1. Inhibition of battery polarization, reduction of thermal effect, and improvement of rate performance; 2. Reduction of battery internal resistance, and significantly reduce the increase of dynamic internal resistance in the cycle process; 3. Improvement of consistency, increase the cycle life of the battery;

4. Enhance the adhesion between active substance and collector, reduce the cost of plate manufacturing; 5. Protect collector from electrolyte corrosion;

6. Improve the processing properties of lithium iron phosphate and lithium titanate materials.

Coating double-sided thickness: A 4-6 micron, B 2-3 micron.

Conductive coating

Surface treatment of battery conductive substrates with functional coatings is a breakthrough technological innovation. Carbon-coated aluminium foil/copper foil is the uniform and delicate coating of dispersed nano-conductive graphite and carbon-coated particles on aluminium foil/copper foil. It can provide excellent static conductivity and collect micro-current of active material, which can greatly reduce the contact resistance between positive/negative material and collector, improve the adhesion between them, reduce the amount of binder used, and then significantly improve the overall performance of the battery. There are two types of coatings: water-borne (water agent system) and oil-borne (organic solvent system).

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Advantages of Aluminum Foil Industry


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Aluminum baking tray| Sheet pan| Baguette tray| Loaf pan| Pizza pan|Coated aluminum coil|Luoyang Juy

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